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Fund for Rural Armenian Midwives Education Gallery
Here are some pictures of our latest trip to Armenia in April of 2015.  We are grateful to the Children of Armenia Fund (www.coafkids.org) doctors for facilitating the many informational tours of primary care clinics, maternity hospitals and secondary clinics in Yerevan, Armavir Marz, and Aragats Marz. The information gathered is the foundation of this project.  Nune, Lusine and Lusine and all the COAF workers are doing amazing work in the villages!  We are indebted to them for the coordination of the special trip to Debet in Lori Marz to see the clinic and the site of the new COAF Smart Center.  We look forward to supporting the COAF villages with our project. 

Barev Dzez,

April 24, 2015, will mark 100 years since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.  
In remembrance of this event we have been working on a project dear to our hearts.

Brenda took a trip to Yerevan April 29, 2015 to investigate the needs and spend time assisting as a midwife in rural clinics about an hour west of Yerevan. The doctors and nurses of the Children of Armenia Fund ( COAF) guided her.  The COAF approach is holistic and comprehensive. They work closely with local communities though participation, collaboration, sustainability, and empowerment.  

Martha traveled to Yerevan on June 25, 2015 and continued the groundwork for this project.  The longterm mission of this project is to help provide professional training to women of Armenia who wish to be care providers for women and children in the rural areas of the country. It is an opportunity for midwives and student midwives in Armenia and the USA to meet and share knowledge. 

Brenda and Martha will travel in March 2016 to teach and share experiences with practitioners in Armavir and Lori Marz (Provinces). We will be modeling compassion and respect in maternity care and sharing information on how to unify midwives by creating a professional midwives association. 

On personal level,  Brenda, Martha and Sarah are of Armenian Heritage and wish to give of themselves to the country of their grandmothers. They have funded our own trips thus far. They will be spearheading an extensive fundraising campaign to raise funds to sponsor an Armenian Midwife Scholarship.  More information will be forthcoming.